Gretchen Brown - Major: Physician Assistant

Courses Taken: Pharmacology, Q201 Tradition, Culture, Ireland in Europe - Historical Perspectives, Practicum: Q401 Comparative Medical Systems

My Time in Ireland

  Ireland. . . A country filled with beautiful coastlines,friendly residents, and a unique culture of music, pubs, unconditional hospitality, and, of course, Guinness!
  I have learnt more in the past sixteen weeks than I have in my entire lifetime, about the meaning of friendship, how to understand and integrate yourself into all cultures, and most of all - about myself!
  I was given endless opportunities to explore the countryside, the community, and also my future profession in the medical field. I spent quite an extensive amount of time in Tullamore General Hospital with several different physicians learning the similarities and differences that exist on either side of the Atlantic.
  Quest Campus was extremely supportive to all it's students. The staff made every effort to offer opportunities to travel throughout Europe, various internships according to our personal motivations, classes at various Universities throughout Ireland and at the same time allowed an unexpected amount of freedom to explore and discover ourselves.   I was also anxiously welcomed with open arms, into the home and lives of the Egan's, my stay family. They immediately included me as a member of their family, willing to share with me all that was theirs. I became a daughter as well as a big sister to their four children. I will be forever grateful to them for their incredible hospitality.