Eric Weisz - Major: Health Systems Management

Courses Taken:  PSAN211 Theories of Human Sexuality, Q201 Tradition, Culture, Ireland in Europe - Historical Perspectives, Q203 Literature, Language, and Culture, ACC201 Managerial Accounting, Practicum:  Comparative Medical Management Systems

My Experiences In Ireland

  My experiences in Ireland have expanded my cultural horizons tremendously. I have grown not only academically and professionally, but also socially. The classes I have taken here have been very interesting and informative to me. The classes have not just helped by teaching me facts and figures, but the classes have also taught me much about the Irish and their culture. The Irish teach in a very good manner. They want a student to learn and they will use whatever method suits the student best; whether it is in the classroom or out hiking through a field, they want a student to learn.

  Working and earning school credit with the Midland Health Board has been a very valuable and rewarding experience for me. I have found many similarities as well as many differences between United States Medical Practices and Irish Medical Practices. I have shared many ideas and also will retain many of the ideas and philosophies, which are used here. The M.H.B. has been most kind to me and have given me many opportunities. I have studied a wide variety of different branches while working at the board and I have learned a tremendous amount. Everyone I have come into contact with in the hospital has been most accommodating and helpful and they are always willing to take time and explain things when you don't understand them.

  I can not say enough wonderful things about being here in Ireland for the past four months. I have had a wonderful time in everything I have done. Not all of my experiences have been easy or pleasant to deal with, however all of my experiences have been "learning experiences" which have helped me to grow and learn as an individual. The Irish people whom I have become close friends (and like family with) I will never forget; and I am truly grateful for everyone's kindness and hospitality. I know that my experiences here in Ireland are even more rewarding than what I realize now, and these have been some of the best experiences of my life that I will remember for many years to come.