Recent Events linked to the Atlantic Corridor / Quest Campus

Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman

  On October 14th Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and President of the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute based in Buffalo delivered a lecture entitled "Unexpected Long-Range Consequences of Basic Scientific Research for the Practice of Medicine" in Tullamore.
  This event was hosted by the Irish Midland Health Board in association with the Atlantic Corridor Steering Group and gave persons involved in the fields of research, medicine, business, education, etc., as well as interested members of the public, a chance to hear one of the world's foremost experts in medical research.
  This lecture was followed the next morning by another, entitled "The Essential Role which Mathematics plays in the Natural Sciences" and delivered in Athlone Institute of Technology.
  The Elan Corporation, which runs a considerable operation, including research facilities, in Athlone, was amongst those keenly interested in Dr. Hauptman's visit and, indeed, provided sponsorship support.

The Edward de Bono Foundation

  Quest's association with the Edward de Bono Foundation found an expression in November 1999 with the holding of a "Serious Creativity" training program. This program sought to better introduce participants to the immense advantages that derive from approaching problem solving in oblique ways allowing for a fuller, and more rounded, appreciation of the problem and a more ready identification of an optimal solution.
  Further training programs are outlined for the year 2000.