Independent study & Internship Program
Academic Options
Combined Orientation Course
Program Synthesis
Additional and Special Modules

 The International Institute at Quest will work out with the students' head of faculty, a particular combination of academic courses and project work based on the Atlantic Corridor Liberal Arts and Business Studies program. A wide range of project opportunities are available.


 The head of faculty at the partner College may develop a special mix of academic subjects and project work based on the particular educational needs of individual students. Quest will endeavour to facilitate the proposed program within certain limits. However, the use of interactive video and internet systems, if permitted by the partner College, will greatly facilitate this particular option.

 It is likely that an individual student will take at least two of the academic options with an extensive stay on additional projects as agreed with faculty.

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Liberal Arts

  • Ireland's history in context.
  • Socio-economic Evolution & Partnership.
  • European Union - origin, vision and evolution.
  • Cultural renaissance in Ireland.

Business Studies

  • Doing business in the European Union.
  • European Union - Origin, Vision & Evolution.
  • Comparative strengths of business in Ireland.
  • American Corporations in Ireland - performance, strategies & failures.

Proiect Options

  • Tullamore Business or Authority
  • Specialist Projects

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 Above all else, the Atlantic Corridor will provide the participants with an excellent opportunity to acquire important skills for a world that is rapidly globalising. Employers are increasingly seeking graduates who are internationally aware and capable of operating effectively in a foreign culture. Ireland provides an important springboard. The culture is sufficiently different to matter, but does not present the additional complication of requiring fluency in a foreign language. However, the culture is sufficiently similar to deny the ill-prepared student the full opportunity of developing the valuable skills of getting behind the superficial screens that typify most inter-cultural encounters. It takes leadership, in the modern sense of the word, to get the process going. It takes sensitivity and determination to keep it going and it takes teamwork to get there.

 Ireland is a tiny island with 4.5 million people. To survive, the Irish have had to go out and get on with people almost anywhere on the globe. It took skill and sensitivity to succeed. In particular, it took a spirit of enterprise and skilful leadership.

 The orientation process is all about the preparation of the students for a unique adventure in learning. Displacement, it has been proven, is the greatest source of enterprise. The Atlantic Corridor program for each individual is an enterprise in learning. The first two weeks, therefore, concentrate on an action learning program, which has been designed specifically to bring the best leadership, teamwork and inter-cultural skills to the surface. Afterwards, throughout the program, the individual course leaders will continue the process of topping up, refining and completing this important learning process.

 There will be no briefing about local culture - the entire focus is on bringing to the surface observations of cultural comparison for group discussion throughout the semester program. The student is not learning about a given culture. The student is learning rather how to learn about another culture. Leadership skills are needed to learn how to involve the target culture in the learning process.

 The orientation program will also include a specific module on digital communications and the interactive media with special coaching where necessary. All reporting throughout the semester will be published digitally in hypertext by the teams with the assistance of professionals in electronic publishing.

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 This final module will involve teamwork in the completion of the CD-Rom publication of the studies and findings of the individual students and teams. This will include digital photography, sound, text, graphics and some video clips. This operation will be completed with the assistance of professionals in electronic publishing. Each student will take away a CD-Rom report and each partner College will receive a number of copies. This is a highly effective means of personal but also revision of communicating what has been learned to others. Nowadays, electronic publishing is becoming a normal part of working life.

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 Study abroad is an important opportunity for any study. It can be very useful to extend the program to a second country. After all, while in Europe, why not see and experience more. There may also be aspects of Ireland, which are not specifically covered, which might, on request, be included.

 All special arrangements can be discussed with the faculty at the international institute at Quest Campus.