Facts about Quest Campus

  Quest Campus is novel international university which is being established in Ireland as a springboard into Europe.
  Quest Campus is centered at Charleville Castle within Charleville Forest Demesne where fallow deer are often glimpsed flitting through the glades.
  Quest Campus is building a series of outreach centres throughout Ireland, particularly in the midlands.
  Quest Campus is novel in that :-
  •   it is itself an outreach centre for a growing number of universities.
  •   it emphasises international skill and balanced inter-cultural relationships in all of it's disciplines, ranging from Liberal Arts to Medicine.
  •   it specialises in modern action learning and experiential learning systems, reflecting best practices in the workplace and real-life laboratory experience.
  •   it provides the right environment and supports to bring out and enhance the natural leadership and teamwork abilities of the individual students.
  •   it intends to reflect real world trends by pioneering new and more effective inter-university co-operation at the international level.
  Apart from providing facilities to International and Irish universities and students, Quest Campus is developing a whole new approach to continuing and further education. Adult learners are being provided access to an ever increasing range of programs both at home and abroad. In an increasingly intensifying and rapidly changing knowledge economy it is crucial that graduates and non- graduates alike can gain access to the best quality and widest range of choice of learning options and new Knowledge Sources.
  We have labelled this as a microUniversity system. The system consists of an emerging web of hi-tech micro-learning centers located conveniently to regular users either in the workplace or in the community. These are "keep fit" or "get fit" type learning centers through which a range of learning services can be channeled and access to a wide range of programs provided.
  Traditional examinations are displaced, as is now normal in the US education system, by continuous assessment and project assignments. The emphasis is not on the accumulation of knowledge in isolation from practice but on a clear demonstration that aquired knowledge can be used effectively - competency.

 The Quest International University Program

 The Quest Education System



"Putting the Quest back into learning"

QUEST CAMPUS The Inter-University Campus For International Skills Development

QUEST CAMPUS Is based in Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Phone : +353 (0) 506 23040

FAX : +353 (0) 506 23039

Quest Campus' emphasis is on "Experiential Learning" leading to independent life long learning excellence



The Quest Education system is based on best teamwork practice.

At Quest the traditional classroom has been replaced by the Quest Study Group System under the guidance of a group team leader who is both an experienced coach and proven educator. Individual students have access to a mentor who is an experienced professional in the field of learning being pursued. The student can also call on the advice of an expert in practical learning methodologies.

Seminars are available from time to time with people who have achieved excellence in a relevant field.

The Study Group is the hub of the learning experience. A study group involves between 5 and 15 students. A study group can be located almost anywhere and can operate within hours appropriate to the group in question. A study group can be operated in the workplace with the approval and support of management. A study group can be organized in a public building or a hotel anywhere in the world. The study group connects with the base through Internet.

Students are motivated to carry put private study assignments. These assignments may involve downloading knowledge from the Internet, reading books or completing a learning challenge involving real research.

Study group meetings are organized around experiential learning lines.

The group leader is there to bring out the questions and to provide submissions. The goal is to direct the group in a process of reflection and criticism leading to conceptualization. The process is never finished until the ideas developed in study group meetings are tested out in real situations. The process is really about life long learning skills. The skills developed will be invaluable to the graduate in the world of the future. This is a future where change is rapid, the constant updating of your knowledge is an imperative and multiple career changes are commonplace.

The study group stays in place throughout the process. Students return regularly during project assignments and internships to the study group to reflect, undertake critical analysis, conceptualize and endeavor to put new concepts to the test practically on the project assignment or internship.

The study group strengthens the learning process. Multidisciplinary study groups, though challenging, further enhance the learning process.

International study groups provide the greatest possible learning experience in a world that is rapidly becoming international.

Assessment is continual on a module by module basis and varies from written to practical assignment. The emphasis is on a balanced learning experience and a high level of pre-graduation competence.

The program is credit based, highly flexible and organized on a semester basis.

Prior learning is fully assessed and recognized. That is, an applicant can apply for prior learning accreditation. A panel will assess and award credits for learning accrued either through work experience private study or prior education.

Courses and credits are available in all of the following:

  Languages   Experiential Learning  
  Information Technology   Independent Studies  
  Cross Cultural Skills   Project Assignments  
  Leadership   International Projects  
  Team Work   Internships  
  International Skills   Electronic Publishing