Constructive Thinking

  Quest Campus has formed an association with the Edward de Bono Foundation of "Lateral Thinking" and other renown. Quest Campus intends that a centre for "constructive thinking" will be developed centered on Charleville - an agreement "in principle" in this regard was reached with Dr. Edward de Bono on his visit to Tullamore of September 1999.
  Dr. de Bono was born in Malta and a became a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford later holding appointments at the universities of Oxford , Cambridge, London, and Harvard. He has a background in Medicine and Psychology and is the author of almost sixty books many of which treat with productive approaches to thinking. Many of the world's major corporations including Exxon, DuPont, IBM, and British Airways have staff trained in techniques and methods of thinking devised and refined by Dr. de Bono.
  Several countries around the world have taken "constructive thinking" on board, as a curriculum subject in schools, or as a requirement for employment in senior public service roles.
  Dr. de Bono is widely regarded as the world's leading leading international authority in the field of creative thinking and in the direct teaching of constructive thinking as a skill.
  Dr. de Bono has agreed to be a visiting professor at Quest Campus.